Hosted images in BEE Pro

Currently in BETA

During the BETA period, you can use this feature free of any charge.
You will be notified in advance when the BETA phase is about to end.


Using hosted images

You can upload your images in BEE Pro and keep them online when you export your messages. This makes things easier when importing a message into another system, especially when this system does not allow you to import a ZIP file.


When you use the new "Keep my images online" feature, images will not be downloaded with the HTML, but rather kept online. The HTML of the message will link to them.

Note that this excludes "external" images, i.e. images hosted elsewhere and for which you entered an external URL in the editor.

CDN distribution

Images hosted by BEE Pro will be delivered quickly via Amazon Web Services' CloudFront Content Delivery Network. This ensures the best performance independently on the location where your messages are opened.


The cost of hosting the images with BEE Pro and having them delivered via the CloudFront CDN depends on the total data transferred during a billing period (i.e. how many images are downloaded and how big they are). For email messages, this is calculated as:

Total size of images included in a message * Total messages sent * Total open rate

For example, if you were sending a newsletter that contains 10 images that are 50KB each, and deliver it to 25,000 people, with a total open rate of 30%, you would have:

500KB * 25,000 * 30% = 3.75GB of total image data transferred

Included traffic

Your subscription includes 10GB per month of free data.

Additional traffic

Data transferred in excess of 10GB per month will be charged at the end of the billing period at a rate of $0.10 per GB transferred in that billing period. 

Continuing on the example above, let's assume that 8 such email campaigns were sent in a month. At the end of the month, the total data transferred would be:

3.75 * 10 = 37.5GB

10GB of that traffic would be included free of charge. The remaining would be billed as follows:

(37.5 - 10) * 0.10 = $2.75

Account cancellation

Image hosting on BEE Pro requires an active subscription to the service. When a subscription is cancelled, images will no longer be accessible once the subscription status changes to "Cancelled" at the end of the current billing period.

If you plan to cancel your subscription, make sure to download messages using the "Download message zip" feature, so future email campaigns are not affected.

If a message has already been sent and your subscription is cancelled, images will continue to be delivered until the end of the current billing period. After that, those messages will be viewed without images as the images will no longer be accessible.

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  • Avatar
    Steven Pearl

    this is wonderful news! can you outline what the rate will be for those who exceed 10GB of traffic? Is it a per GB surcharge?

  • Avatar
    Alejandro Guerrero

    Great (and needed!) featured. I was using until now and thinking about BeePro in this moment, because of wider emails.
    I needed the feature as I'm using Mautic as my main email platform with all my clients.

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    @Steven sorry for the late reply. For some reason we weren't notified when this came through. The rate for images delivered in excess of 10GB will be charged $0.10 per GB of data transferred. The total is computed and charged at the end of the billing period.

    @alejandro: great to hear that this feature makes things easier for you when using BEE Pro as an email template builder for Mautic.