About Team

The Team plan adds some features to BEE Pro Freelance to help you collaborate with colleagues and clients to get things done faster.

Among them:

  • Share, collaborate and approve a message
  • Organize messages in up to 10 projects
  • Use Merge tags and Special links without having to copy & paste from some docs somewhere



Share, collaborate and approve

The collaboration features alone will save you an incredible amount of time and headaches. You will be able to share a message with colleagues or clients, let them comment on specific parts of the message with multi-threaded discussions, resolve individual threads, and approve the message when everything looks good!

Learn how to collaborate with colleagues and clients to get your emails ready.



Organize your messages in projects, automatically sorted by the latest message that has been edited, and showing you a thumbnail of that message directly on the project folder.



Merge tags and special links

Easily enter merge tags such as in a common scenario like...

Dear *|NAME|*

... without having to memorize their syntax or look it up every time.

Do the same for special links like "Unsubscribe" or "View this in your browser".

Lear more about merge tags and special links settings in BEE Pro Team edition.

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  • Avatar
    Michael Fritz

    Great new features, will rhey all work with Bee plugin too and can we use them with our existing subscription?

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Michael, you can certainly pass Merge Tags and Special Links to the Plugin when you initialize it. See: http://help.beefree.io/hc/en-us/articles/202991212-Configuring-the-editor

    With regard to "Projects" and the collaboration feature: no, they are outside of the editor, so they are not part of BEE Plugin. They are part of the application that "hosts" the Plugin, in this case BEE Pro Team.

    That said, we are considering the idea of making the "Collaboration" tool an independent product that you can embed in your application, just like you have embedded the editor. Is that something that you would be interested in and willing to pay for? I'm referring to: http://help.beefree.io/hc/en-us/articles/115003837865-Collaboration-a-teamwork-tool-to-get-your-emails-ready

  • Avatar
    Michael Fritz

    Hi Massimo, collaboration is not so much what we are looking for. More interesting without having seen it in detail are Projects and also the new features like special links (merge tags we already created ourselves), copy between projects (we would otherwise also implement it ourselves), and the context menu features like sending test mail etc. But we will stick to the plugin version in any case...

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Michael, for now we are staying away from providing the "pieces" around the embeddable version of the editor (e.g. template catalog as an add-on for BEE Plugin), but this might change down the road.

    For now, the rationale for this decision is that each application handles those features differently under both a functional and "look & feel" point of view.

    Edited by Massimo Arrigoni