What's on the BEE Pro roadmap?

Let us know what's super-important for you by posting your suggestion or commenting on an existing thread in the Community.

Some of the ideas that have come up internally - and also chatting with some of you-  include...

  • User management
  • Different levels of user permissions
  • Message collaboration & approval
  • Restrictions to colors, fonts, etc. (brand identity)
  • Organization of content (templates, messages, etc.) based on brands/clients
  • ... and much more.

If something is critical for you, let us know!

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    What is the timeline for this enhancement?

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    Steven Pearl

    We are planning to do a webinar to show BEE Pro for our customers as an option to an editor they current use; we have over 100 customers who may want to move to your product; Would we be able to have someone participate as a guest speaker during our presentation/demonstration?

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    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Steven, absolutely. We would be happy to do so. Please reach out to us: https://beefree.io/contact-us/