About Agency

The Agency plan adds a number of features to the Team edition of BEE Pro.

Among them:

  • User roles and permissions
  • Support for multiple brands
  • Unlimited projects in each brand
  • Brand-specific settings

This is something that we are still working on.

Let us know what you would like to see in this plan!

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    Stephanie Falk

    When will the agency version be available? I asked this on a much older thread but I am trying to see if this email solution would be a good one for our team of 5 email specialists. We need to be able to drag and drop already designed customized footers, headers, etc. into in-house designed email templates. Do any of the versions allow for custom created content/components that can be shared across team and dropped in similar to the content portion of the tool?

    Also, would we have the ability to have a designer create templates in the builder tool then the EMS import that code for easy changes?

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    Sergio M.

    Hi Stephanie, BEE Pro Agency is scheduled to launch mid-September.

    Your team will be able to create custom templates, but the feature to drag-n-drop pre-built structures (footers, headers, etc.) wont be available at launch.

    This feature that we call "partials" is going to be available in BEE Plugin for developers and SaaS companies, but isn't scheduled for BEE Pro Agency in our current roadmap.

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    Stephanie Falk

    Hi Sergio - Can the custom templates currently be created and saved using BEE Plugin? Also, when will the partials feature be available in BEE Plugin?

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    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Stephanie,

    I just wanted to quickly clarify the difference between BEE Pro and BEE Plugin. BEE Plugin allows software companies to take the BEE editor and embed it in their software. If you are a software developer, you use BEE Plugin to add a great drag-n-drop editor to your product.

    So the answer to your question is "yes": once you have integrated BEE into your software application using our embeddable plugin, you can certainly let users of your application save email templates with the editor.

    If you are not a software developer, then BEE Plugin is not the right product for you and BEE Pro is indeed the way to go.

    Now, once "Partials" ( = using & saving pieces of content) as a feature has been added to the editor, then every application that uses the editor - including BEE Pro - can make use of it. The feature will allow a BEE Pro user to save a footer and re-use it in another message, for example.

    As Sergio mentioned above, it will take a bit of time for BEE Pro to take advantage of "partials", simply because - once the feature is ready for all applications that use BEE, including BEE Pro - the team in our company that works on BEE Pro will have to integrate it into the BEE Pro application (e.g. saving those "partials" somewhere, etc.). Probably something that will come to BEE Pro toward the end of the year or beginning of 2018.

    We hope this helps clarify things!