Managing projects


Team introduces the concept of a Project to BEE Pro. 

Projects allow you to organize your messages in folders. Each folder shows you a thumbnail of the message that was last added or edited in that project, when that updated occurred and by whom (this last piece of information is a precursor of things to come... support for multiple users).




Creating a new project

To create a new project, click on Create new project under My projects. 

Enter a name for the project and a color code to help you recognize it quickly in the My projects dashboard.


The maximum number of projects that you can create changes depending on your subscription plan.

  • Freelance: 3 projects
  • Team: 10 projects
  • Agency: unlimited projects

If you have reached the maximum number of projects and wish to create a new one, BEE Pro will ask you if you want to upgrade to a higher plan.


Browsing projects

On My projects, you can order your projects by name, creation date, or the data on which a message within the project was last updated. This is the default sorting method, which means that you are shown first the project in which you last did some work.

You can also search for projects using the corresponding feature.



Editing and removing projects

To edit or remove a project, mouse over it and click on the actions icon.


  • Edit will take you back to the same window that you use when you create a project.
  • Delete will ask you whether you wish to remove the current project. Be careful as all messages contained in the project will be removed


Moving messages from project to project

This is coming very, very soon :-)

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  • Avatar
    Alexander Schneider

    When there will be possible to move messages between projects? Without this feature the function pretty much unusable INHO.

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Very, very soon. The backend code is already there. We're just finalizing the frontend, but decided not to hold up the release because of that. In any case, we absolutely agree with you. Thanks for your patience :-)