Multi-user support in BEE Pro


Multiple users in a singe BEE Pro subscription

Invite colleagues or freelance collaborators to join your subscription in BEE Pro, so they can create new templates, collaborate on existing emails, export messages that are ready for prime time, etc.


New section to "Manage users"

Open the application menu to discover Manage users, the new menu item that will take you to the user management section.



Initially you will find a slightly empty page with a lonely hero: You!


But that's easy to correct as adding a new user in BEE Pro only takes a few moments.


Adding a new user

Click on Add new user to start a quick wizard that will guide you through the process.

Since adding a new user has an impact on your subscription price, BEE Pro will first check to confirm that you are aware of it.



Next, it will ask you to enter basic information about this new user: first name, last name, and their email address.

The email address is really important because that's where new users will receive a message that asks them to confirm the invitation to join your organization on BEE Pro. So make sure that you are using a valid email address for that person.



BEE Pro will confirm that an email has been sent. At that point you can either add another user, or return to the Manage users page.



Until new users accept the invitation that they receive via email, they will show as pending on the Manage users page.



If you change your mind, you can cancel a pending invitation.

Of course, you can also revoke access for any active users (e.g. an employee leaves the company, or you stop working with a freelance designer).


How much are additional users?

Our subscription plans are user-based and the per-user fee depends on the subscription that you signed up for. See the pricing page for details.


Roles, permissions, and more

Multi-user support will soon be enriched with other, related features.

BEE Pro Team subscriptions will soon be able to define a "role" for a specific user, and control what the user can and cannot do based on that role. For example, some users will be able to lock areas of a message, and other users will not be able to edit locked areas.

BEE Pro Agency subscriptions (Agecy edition not yet available, ETA: early October) will be able to create Brands in their BEE Pro account and restrict user access to specific Brands.

More to come on these and other features that we are working on! 

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