Using connectors in BEE Pro

Effortless export to ESPs and more

You can now export your email messages to your email, marketing automation, or other sending application with just a couple of clicks.

You will find the available connectors, currently Gmail and Mailchimp, on your settings page:



How to install a connector

When you click install, a "connect my account action" will be displayed:



Clicking this button will open the application login form.
Use your credentials to authorize BEE Pro to create drafts or templates in your account.


Once done, the connector will display the status feedback. Now you're ready to start using the connector on your message details page.


If you wish to log out and change the account, just click on the View Settings link.



Exporting messages

You will find a new export method on message's detail page:


 The drop-down menu shows the list of available connectors, just click on the desired one to start:



Using connectors with multiple brands

If you are running an Agency subscription, you may have more than a brand to organize your messages by customer, project, etc.

Connectors are part of the brand settings, so you will be able to set up an account for each brand and forget about switching accounts before exporting.


Active services


Exporting a message will create a draft in your Gmail account.


BEE Pro will create a template in your account.


Coming soon

MailUp | Free

SendGrid | Paid connector

HubSpot | Paid connector


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