How much is BEE Plugin?

BEE Plugin subscription plans

To sign up, please visit:

  Free Startup Silver Gold
Monthly fee - $100 $500 $2,500
Users included (see below) Unlimited 50 1,000 10,000
Additional users: cost per user None $2.00/m $0.50/m $0.25/m
Max image storage 100GB Unlimited
Most features Feature included Feature included Feature included Feature included
Multi-language Feature included Feature included Feature included Feature included
White-labeling (removal of BEE Logo) - Feature included Feature included Feature included
Edit or turn off the default editor's toolbar - Feature included Feature included Feature included
Import files - Feature included Feature included Feature included
Custom HTML content block - Feature included Feature included Feature included
User roles and permissions - Feature included Feature included Feature included
Free stock photo search - Feature included Feature included Feature included
Dynamic images support - Feature included Feature included Feature included
Store images in your file system - Feature included Feature included Feature included
Display conditions - - Feature included Feature included
Editor UI CSS customizations (coming soon) - - Feature included Feature included
Support - Feature included Feature included Feature included
SLA - Feature included Feature included Feature included


To sign up, see


What it all means

Feature Description
User included

The number of unique users of the editor during the month.

  • Users of your application that do not use the editor are not counted. Only active users of the editor are counted.
  • Users are counted as unique based on the UID parameter.
  • The Free plan supports unlimited users.
  • The Silver plan includes 1,000 unique monthly users of the editor. Above that number, you will pay $0.50 per user, per month. So 1,200 unique users will cost $500 + $0.50 * $200 = $600.
  • The Gold plan includes 10,000 unique monthly users of the editor. Above that number, you will pay $0.25 per user, per month. So 15,000 unique users will cost $2,500 + $0.25 * 5000 = $3,750.
Maximum image storage

This refers to the amount of space occupied by images uploaded when creating emails with the editor. The limit is very large. If you store more images, it means that your application is really successful and at that point we believe it's fair to ask you to pay for using our editor.

Most features All features in the editor are included except as described on this page.
Import files Allows a user to connect his BEE account to cloud storage services, social networks and other applications to upload images from different sources.
Removal of BEE logo Whitelabeling requires a paid plan.
Store images in your file system  Connect BEE Plugin to your own file system for storing images and other files. Learn more.
Support If you want to open a ticket and communicate with our support team, you will need a paid plan. Otherwise, there's our community site.
SLA We don't expect the service to be down (unless Amazon Web Services goes down: that's where it's hosted). Still, on a paid plan, we will provide a Service Level Agreement, but not on the free plan.


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  • Avatar
    David Sporer

    Do you already have a timeframe when we can expect more information about this?
    I'd really love to integrate BEE plugin into our application but given that we're short on resources I would only do this if I know that it's worth the effort ;-)

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi David, we just published some pricing information above. Hope you think the pricing model is fair. Cheers!

  • Avatar
    Justin Wellesley-Smith

    Hi Massimo,
    I have sent in a couple of emails asking about implementation of this pricing structure and suggesting an extra Bronze level for those of us who unlikely to require the 1000 users but still want the other paid features. As I haven't received any replies to my emails I'm left wondering if this is feasible or not? Thanks..

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Justin, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Busy with BBQ and fireworks this weekend :-)
    We replied to your ticket this evening.

  • Avatar
    Andrea Lincetto

    Hi Massimo,
    I'm testing the beta version of the plugin and the filepicker is available when I try to change an image previously inserted (but it does not appear when inserting the image); so in the free version will the filepicker be available or not? When do you plan to end the beta period?

  • Avatar
    Andrea Lincetto

    And, as per Justin suggestion, are you thinking about a "Bronze" level? I think that the difference between 0 and 6000$ per year it's too wide :)

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Andrea, yes, we are thinking about potentially adding a "Bronze" level. We'll post an update on that soon.

  • Avatar

    What about for 1 user that is looking to create responsive email newsletters 2-4 times a month and wants to be able to save multiple templates and not have to use the BeeFree logo? I really like the free version BeeFree offers right now and I am excited about the program but I just hope that the price is not too steep.

  • Avatar
    John Christos

    Hi Massimo, could I get into the beta program. This tool has tons of potential, and I'd like to start integrating it into my app.

  • Avatar
    Natwar Maheshwari

    This is awesome :) I am also waiting for the "Bronze" level :)

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Thanks Natwar, we'll keep you posted.

  • Avatar
    Guille Padilla

    A quick update about the pricing plans:
    We added a Startup plan with a monthly fee of $100
    For more information visit

  • Avatar

    Hi Massimo, for me it's not clear the concept of "user". I'm going to use the BeePlugin in a web application that's going to be used by different accounts. But still I can't figure out what a "user" is in BeeFree and where they are defined.

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Fabio, the user is defined by the UID parameter that you pass to the plugin ( In your case, you will probably pass to the plugin a different UID for each of those accounts.

  • Avatar
    Sam Smith

    Hi Massimo,

    Under the Silver plan, is the source code available for download, or is the editor only available hosted through your servers?


  • Avatar
    Sergio M.

    Hi Sam, all the BEE Plugin paid plans as well as the free plan are hosted on Amazon Web Services. It's currently not available as an on-premise solution.

    Edited by Sergio M.
  • Avatar

    Sergio, Massimo

    Great work on building solid software. We are interested in purchasing.

    Any update on whether we are able to run the editor without making requests out to your server? Since we only require the editor as code (we'll be storing data), calling your server at runtime to pull JS code onto our SAAS is proving hard to justify architecturally for a couple of reasons.

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Sid, you can choose to load the JS locally, but your users may not be loading the latest version of the editor (we do send you updates, however, when a new version is released). The part that you cannot host locally, however, is the HTML parser that is invoked when the JSON created by BEE is turned into HTML ( Happy to jump on a call to further discuss (contact us here: Cheers!

  • Avatar
    Rui Pedro

    Will my price per subscription change if I'm on Gold Membership and the next month only 200 users log in to the system? This prices include VAT?

  • Avatar
    Massimo Arrigoni

    Hi Rui, no once you are on a certain plan, you will be billed at the minimum amount for that plan, unless you wish to downgrade. You cannot upgrade/downgrade multiple times within the same billing period.
    There is no VAT because BEE Plugin is provided by MailUp, Inc, a US-based corporation.